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Community Focus Group (CFG)’s vision is to create a centre for teenage mothers that will support these young women in their new roles as mothers on the one hand, while at the same time help them to further develop their personalities, take control of their lives, and offer them a path to independence through finishing their education and professional training that will prepare them for a range of careers.

Community Focus Group (CFG) has the opportunity to rent a space. In the first phase, this place will serve as a meeting point for teenage mothers. The centre will be fitted with basic furnishings. There will be a table and chairs; an area for newborns with all the necessary fittings; a small kitchen with a stove, oven, refrigerator, and silverware; five sewing machines with fabric and trimmings; computers and a laptop; a salon chair and hairdressing tools; as well as informational material on childcare and possible training opportunities. The centre must first be cleaned, freshly painted and furnished. If possible, the teenage mothers are already expected to help with this initial phase.

3 Hairdryers - $700.00

IT Equipment - $2,00.000 (2 Desktops, 1 Laptop, 2 Printers, 1 Scanner, 2 Cameras, and 1 Cellular Phone)

1 Big Cooker - $700.00

1 Big Fridge - $600.00

5 Tailoring Machines - $1,650.00

5 Blow Dryers - $200.00

1 Big Washing Machine - $1,200.00

10 Dummies - $300.00

The meeting point will be open seven days a week and will pursue the following aims in order to offer the young women a first step towards independence:

* The young mothers will receive support in their new roles and will learn how to properly care for their newborns.

* They will have a place where they can ask questions and share their worries, as well as somewhere to turn in an emergency.

* They will be offered childcare so that they can complete their high school diplomas or an apprenticeship.

* They will have a place where they can talk to other young mothers.

* They can prepare a meal for themselves.

* Targeted training courses in childcare, design, hairdressing, and computer science will offer them a chance to get an education and learn new practical and professional skills.

* The infrastructure in the centre will allow them to acquire knowledge and gain a new skill set so that they can start to think about what they could make and sell (Nairobi has a large population. As a result, there is a very large market for services and goods.)

The Centre can open immediately.  The costs for the initial furnishings and equipment is $7,350.

Community Focus Group (CFG) requires your support to raise the initial $7,350 for this project. Small Donations to reach our Goal will be helpful.

We look forward for your support.

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The UN Youth Climate Summit Sept. 21st, 2019

Pam and her daughter Shantel at the Summit.


Shantel being interviewed at the Summit.