Community Focus Group International

New Homabay Cohorts 2019

This year we have three new cohorts in Homabay who are going to graduate in August 2019.

Mary Achieng Otieno
Age: 16 years
County: Homabay
Residence: Oyugis Town
Personal Goal - One day to own her own salon and beauty parlor, since she is passionate about hairdressing and beauty and be able to become a responsible mother to her daughter.
Her Story - Mary comes from a vulnerable home and she is the first born in a family of 6 and she dropped out of school immediately after she found out she was pregnant in class eight. Her parents were so disappointed in her and decided not to take her back to school even after she gave birth to her daughter who is now one and a half years old. The parents told her she was a disgrace to the family and she has lost the only opportunity to go to school by getting pregnant at such a young age. Her life has been miserable and she has been moving from one relative to another being promised to be taken back to school as she helps with house chores but all has been in vain. She has gone through a lot of abuse and challenges of life as a results of being a teen mother in the process of fending for her child.
Hobbies: Reading magazines, watching movies, and sports especially football

Lillian Awour Atieno
Age: 17 years
County: Homabay
Residence: Oyugis Town
Personal Goal - To work hard and become independent and take care of her two-year old child and in the future help support her parent and siblings.
Her Story - Lillian comes from a vulnerable family and she dropped out of school in class eight due to the lack of school fees and pregnant at the age of 15 years. She has a two-year old daughter and lives with her aunt whom she helps out in house chores. She was born in a family of eight kids and she is the third born in her family. She had to seek refuge somewhere else after her father discovered she was pregnant and constantly faced emotional abuse and one day she was hit with a machete by her father and fled to safety at her aunt's place the scar always reminds her of her experience and struggles. Until today she has never gone back home but hopes one day she will be able to forgive her father.
Hobbies: Sports, watching movies, and singing

Emmaculate Awour Ochieng
Age: 18 years
County: Homabay
Residence: Oyugis Town
Personal Goal - To be successful in everything she does and to be a great person in the future.
Her Story - Emmaculate was born in a family of five. She lost her father when she was young, that's what her mother told here. She has known her mother as the only bread winner. Her mother lives in the village and she works as a house helper. Emmaculate lost her child last year and had to take a break from the training to grief the loss of her child. She is continuing this year after grieving the loss of her child.
Hobbies: Listening to music, hairdressing, and watching African moviesl